Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One year, come and gone

I had planned to have some sort of celebratory post about hitting the one year anniversary of rededicating this site. Unfortunately, my father passed away just days before the June 14 date when I made my first post on the relaunched site, and I didn't feel like celebrating very much. Still don't. But I figure I should recognize it in some way.

Since I launched a site in 1996, this is the longest I've probably kept one running on a regular basis. While it hasn't quite been what I envisioned -- some months I've packed it with content, some months have gone by with only a few posts -- it's still here, still more or less regularly updated and drawing better traffic than most sites I've had before. I find it fascinating to look at the places people are visiting the site from, and I'm continually amazed that the ramblings of this crazy guy in a hicktown draw attention from all corners of the globe.

Thank you for reading, and here's looking forward to another year.

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