Submission Guidelines

Are you a writer interested in having your book reviewed here? I welcome submissions in either physical or .epub format, but there are a couple of things that you should know up front.

First, I have limited reading time and a lot of books, so it may take a little while for a review to appear. I also don't guarantee that I will review everything that I receive. If your book doesn't appeal to me for whatever reason, I most likely will not review it. Don't take that as a reflection on your book, but rather on my tastes.

So what are my tastes? While I enjoy exceptionally well-written books, technical skills matter less to me than a good story. An adequately-written work with an incredible story will beat a beautifully written piece with a lousy story for me every time. That said, a book littered with grammatical and punctuation errors is not a good idea. I work as an editor, and they do tend to annoy me.

My primary interests are fantasy and horror, and I like just about all varieties of those genres. I'm always on the lookout for some good, creepy horror. If you can make me uneasy, you'll probably get a good review. I do read some science fiction, but it usually needs to have some sort of interesting twist to catch my attention. I also like good humor. I will consider other genres, but it will likely be a tough sell.

Ready to submit? Still not sure whether your book belongs here? Drop me an e-mail, and we'll chat about it. Thanks.

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