Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another grand failure

At what point do you just let something go?

I've had grand visions for a site dedicated to books, music and whatever else since about 1996. I've put months into designing the site and redesigning the site several times with intentions of following through on my grand schemes each time. I was quite proud of the most recent incarnation, from 2005, but life intrudes. It takes time to format html and make regular updates -- time that I never seem to have. So once again, I enter the Hall of the Mountain King to find cobwebs in every corner and a thick coat of dust over everything. This time, with a heavy sigh and resignation, I realize that I'm just never going to have the time to make it the site that I envisioned. (Feel free, however, to visit the crumbling ruins of the Mountain King's old home in the links list. There are still a few treasures hiding in the dark halls.)

But rather than give it up completely, I've decided to take a cue from some friends of mine over at the Saintsfan Lovers of the Blues site and try accomplishing the same mission via blog. It doesn't take quite as long to make updates, and I can do them anytime. It's more immediate, and it allows for some interactivity for the few people who may still be holding out hope that I'll update.

This space, up to this point, has been largely a place for me to bitch (those old posts are still hanging around if you want to read them, though most are out of date), but now I hope it will become a more creative and productive place. I'm not going to place any parameters on what I do here. I'll still do reviews of recent CDs and books, but I'll also do other things like talk about movies I've seen lately and revisit some old favorites in features like Stuck in my Head, which will take a look at whatever single song is running around in my brain at the time, and Pages from the Past, a revisiting of some of my favorite books. Should be fun. Enjoy reading, and feel free to chime in.

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